Symposium 2020 day 1 Developer recap

Created: 28 Oct 2020, last update: 30 Jan 2022

Sitecore Symposium 2020 day 1 - Developer recap

Sitecore and Jamstack
Flavor 1
Why using Jamstack with Sitecore? With Jamstack you can create a fast website, by using generated static HTML it is for headless website, if you have a non headless .Net MVC or Sitecore SXA you can use the Sitecore out of the box rendering cache to make static part fast, this also works with JSS. But basically JamStack (JavaScript, API & Markup) is somethings for frontend developers, with headless, frontend and backend are better separated and with going jamstack you can make the frontend serverside Node.JS code is generating static HTML. (or hybrid because a dynamic website needs a little serverside rendering) When you make a JSS website you have the pitfall of creating a large complex Serverside and client side JavaScript based website with a framework like React. It can lead to slow page loading times and large client side state objects. Sitecore will come with a new Next.js SDK for JSS and Next.js is a web framework that enables functionality such as server-side rendering and generating static websites, React based. It allows JavaScript developers to create static and dynamic JAMstack websites with Sitecore. The Sitecore Next.js SDK for JSS is handy to ensure that you can use all the good things of the Layout Services and all Sitecore XP functionality such as personalization, etc.

Flavor 2
Sitecore Content Hub CaaS and Jamstack,
Sitecore Content Hub gets a GraphQL API you can call it content as a service in the cloud. This is also useful when you make a Jamstack website. So if you want a powerful content hub and create a Jamstack website without using all the Sitecore XP stuff like the layout services  use this. So more similar to solution that other manufacturers have, such as contentful.

Sitecore 10.1
This is how the new Experience platform launch pad looks in Sitecore 10.1 except in early 2021

In Sitecore 10.1 a light version of Sitecore AI is added no minim traffic required. And More coming in 2021


Sitecore and Content hub.
The Sitecore XP platform and content hub reinforce each other. New Content Insights tools in Content hub using engagement value from Sitecore XP and AI. product innovations to make it possible to build relevant content.