SUGCON Europe 2022 recap

Created: 28 Mar 2022, last update: 4 Apr 2024

SUGCON Europe 2022 recap

At SUGCON 2022 in Budapest Sitecore revealed a lot of Information about Sitecore XM Cloud, a SaaS version of Sitecore XM for headless use. And many other new thing were announced, here below you find everything.

Sitecore DXP Roadmap 2022

Sitecore XM cloud

On the Sitecore Road map, Sitecore XM cloud, a Saas Version of Sitecore. Sitecore XM cloud is available in Summer 2022. With XM cloud you have everything for building headless websites including SXA headless, Jamstack ready. But Sitecore Forms comes back in in reworked version, currently unknown what this mains for compatibilities with existing Sitecore Forms in JSS. XM clouds comes with a deployment portal and Command line interface and XM Cloud Embedded Pesonalisation and XM Cloud Embedded Analytics and testing.

This video contain slides from SUGCON and the live demo of a Sitecore deployment on XM Cloud.

Sitecore Discover
There is a SDK released and more to come:

Sitecore OrderCloud

Sitecore Portal
A single portal for easily launching solutions across the composable DXP. Available Summer 2022

Sitecore Content Hub Headless

Sitecore Site Manager Available Summer 2022

Sitecore Pages Available Summer 2022

XM Cloud Embedded Personalize Available Summer 2022

Sitecore Personalization, Soon

Sitecore Components Available Winter 2022
Drag and drop builder, Sitecore Components in the composable DXP will allow to bring in content from other Headless CMS’s as well such as Contentful and Kontent by Kentico.

More GraphQL APIs

Event Webhooks are coming.