Created: 30 Apr 2016, last update: 30 Jan 2022

Sitecore user group conference Europe 2016 (SUGCON)

The must-attend conference for every Sitecore developer, organized by the community for the community was great. Lars Fløe Nielsen Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer from Sitecore did the keynote and told news on future versions.

In the Sitecore User group session from May 31in Belgium there are more details about upcoming version. You can found the details about this session here:

Sitecore 8.2
No release date was mentioned but it is in line with expectations that it become half 2016.

About the Express Migration Tool, past year on the SUGCON 2015 in The Netherlands Lars told already on this feature. It allows you to upgrade directly across multiple versions to Sitecore 8.2+. It seems to supports older 6 and 7 versions. I wonder if it can patch and analyze the config files.

The big news for me in the upcoming 8.2 was the Enterprice Publishing & Performance. With a pretty technical detail explanation. As I understood Items are transmitted in an earlier state to the web database on this way it will be possible to publish millions of items in seconds. Today the web databases contain only one version of an item for a given language, optimize for speed. However in Sitecore 8+ there can be multiple version because the testing functionality see multiple versions of item in web and multiple item versions in web

Lots of work in the new non Silverlight Path Analyzer. Why was this tool still in Silverlight. last year I asked this question the a Sitecore employee. The answer was time. Good that there was now time for development because Silverlight has had its best time. And the path analyzer is quite a nice tool.

Sitecore Services Client & MVC Improvements the work on this part make it easier to unit test. The next day we get more details.

Sitecore 8.3

Happily surprised Sitecore is working on a new Forms module. The question now is what are you going to use today starting a fresh Web Forms for Marketers (WFFM) project?. Waiting on Sitecore 8.3 is not an option if you want to continue your innovation it may take some time for Sitecore 8.3 is there and you are upgraded. My advice use WFFM for simple forms it is great to have such functionality out of the box. But WFFM is limited on some way than a custom form can be an option instead of heavily customize WFFM. But now you know WFFM reaches its end or live or ?, The show use a form integrated with the Experience editor and also simple to use in an Engagement Plan.

Third party Cloud Site search
The Coveo Demo was impressive. With machine learning you can get a pretty good search experience. The show the advanced query suggestions. Coveo was one of the sponsors.

Sitecore PowerShell Extensions (SPE)
I also like the Sitecore Powershell session from Adam Najmanowicz he show the ISE, Integrated Scripting Environment with debugging, Autocomplete and help.


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