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Created: 13 Dec 2016, last update: 30 Jan 2022

Edit Sitecore Aliases for power users

It might be that a Sitecore power user want to edit directly an url aliases below the  System\Aliases item. (Normally you do not do that, but you do it with the Aliases button from the presentation tab.)

But it fails missing the edit link options because he is not an “Administrator”. With not Administrator I mean the Checkbox not the the "Sitecore Local Administrators" rol.


The missing link options is because the Aliases use the deprecated Link Type. To edit the Aliase Item you can choose between:

1)    Edit the item in Raw mode. For interne link replace the id, enter the new GUID

2)    Give Admin rights, Ow no!

3)    Adjust the security rights of Deprecated Field types, Go to the Core database and remove the security rights from the "system\Field types\Depricated Types" item. In the Core database, Ow no!


About Aliases
Aliases allow any number of URLs for a single content item. For example, by default the URL /hr/jobs activates the content item /Sitecore/Content/Home/HR/Jobs. You can create an alias so that in addition to the default URL /hr/jobs, the URL /jobs activates/Sitecore/Content/Home/HR/Jobs

How to Create an Alias, To create an alias:

In the Content Editor, select the target item, for example /Sitecore/Content/Home/HR/Jobs

Click the Presentation tab.

In the URL group, click the Aliases command.

Enter the alias name, for example /jobs or jobs (both are equivalent).

Using aliases results in multiple URLs for a single content item, which can confuse search engines.
Use aliases consistently where they exist, or implement an alternate solution to address this
challenge. See #Tip 17 Canonical


#Tip 16 url alias after item resolver

How to configure site-specific aliases