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Created: 2 Dec 2016, last update: 30 Jan 2022

Language Content Editor Warning version 8.1

I’m happy to announce the release of Language Content Editor Warning version 8.1 With support for language fallback. It just a small minor release but since Language Fallback is an OOTB feature from Sitecore 8.1 and higher, this version is also only for 8.1 and higher.

This module is designed for the content editors and other users such as developers and administrators to make content editing more user-friendly by giving warnings if the wrong language is edited.

This is really my favorite module that I use often. And sometimes customized for a specific website. The idea of this "warnings" is just great, and I'm glad that there are already pretty warnings in Sitecore for language fallback.

What's New

Sitecore Warning

In multilangue mode the module shows also the not translated but working with Sitecore Language Fallback versions.

The config

It is useful to have some knowledge of the website to provide the right warning, and therefore little config need for multilingual websites. normaly there is a default language the language attribute in the site node. to activate the multilanguage mode on a specific site use the custom altLanguage attribute like this:  <site name="website" language="nl-BE" altLanguage="fr-BE|en" ...

The single language website

You can use this module for multiple website the following warning is a example from a single language website. Nothing changed here just some advertising for my module and show the latest designs from Sitecore 8.2

 example from a single language website

More info about this module can be found here:

Wrong language warning



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