SUGCON Europe 2023 recap

Created: 26 Mar 2023, last update: 4 Apr 2024

SUGCON Europe 2023 recap

Sitecore XM Cloud Components
One of the most intriguing sessions at SUGCON Europe 2023 was 'Sitecore Components in Action' presented by Sebastian Winter. Recently, a new low-code SaaS tool for XM Cloud was released as early access, allowing non-developers, often business-side employees, to create components and connect to APIs for data, At the SUGCON demo, attendees got a firsthand look at the Sitecore Components functionality.

Sitecore Forms for XM Cloud

To address the critical gap in Sitecore XM Cloud, the inclusion of forms is essential. Until Sitecore Forms for XM Cloud is released, you will have the option to use forms software from other reputable vendors. Little has been released on sugcon regarding XM Cloud Forms. with this slide we will have to do for now.

Sitecore Connect

Sitecore Connect has been available since earlier this year, This slide shows bridging between Sitecore XP and XM Cloud with Sitecore Connect 

See for a short live demo from the session Leverage Sitecore Connect for Sitecore CDP with Sarah O'Reilly. Certainly also the session of Ivan Lieckens Integrating in the Cloud: Sitecore Connect is recommended if you want to see more of Sitecore Connect. The SUGCON team will be posting screen recordings of all sessions on YouTube in a while.

Pricing Sitecore Connect


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