New user rights in Sitecore 9.1

Created: 3 Dec 2018, last update: 30 Jan 2022

New user rights in Sitecore 9.1

Relative to Sitecore 9 update-2 there are no new users or groups there are only a few changes in access right for Sitecore\Author that is for the new Tag content using Sitecore Cortex Content Tagging.
It is about this items in the core database

  • /sitecore/content/Applications/Content Editor/Menues/Tag Content
  • /sitecore/content/Applications/WebEdit/Ribbons/WebEdit/Page Editor/Content Tagging
  • /sitecore/content/Applications/Content Editor/Ribbons/Chunks/Content Tagging

You can read more about the here: Sitecore Cortex Content Tagging or Configure Sitecore 9.1 Content Tagging feature with Open Calais, it takes 5 minutes to create a Thomson Reuters account and configure it in Sitecore.
Always wanted to know which tags the default Sitecore page gets? this is what Cortex says about it:

Sitecore-Security-Rights-Reporting Module
Version 2.8 Contains Support for Sitecore 9.1 and a new simple user/roles list with AJAX. Showing max 500 users only the Sitecore domain if there are more than 500 users. But for the simple list there is no need to get all data at once. So basically the limit is not about possible time out. What currently is missing is an export of all users, this can be done by using a task, so this is work in progress maybe in the next version.

With the new simple list, I go back to the basic and just output a list with user and roles. Because there are now many more roles in Sitecore 9 relative to Sitecore 6 and also it is also not uncommon to have many custom roles. The new screen looks like: