Roles in Sitecore 8

Created: 19 May 2015, last update: 30 Jan 2022

New User Roles in Sitecore 7 and Sitecore 8

In Sitecore 8 there are many new user roles. But where are all this roles for.

New In Sitecore 8:

List Manager Editors
Role for managing contact lists for the Email Experience Manager (formerly Email Campaign Manager) is a separate module.

Experience Explorer
Need to see personalized versions nicely into the Experience Editor the former page editor. Formerly marketplace module "Experience Explorer" now integrated. in Sitecore 8.

Analytics Advance Testing
Extending of the role Analytics Testing

Analytics Management Reporting
For the Dashboard Overall performance for the current month Compared with the previous month and Leaderboards. A role for managers who don't have the author user rol. An author gets Analytics Testing role an has already access to this.

In Sitecore 8 the Social Connected module is integrated. Sitecore Social Connected is a separate module for Sitecore 6 and 7.
The following roles are related to that:

Facebook Message Reviewer
Sitecore Client Social Authoring
Social Marketer Message Reviewer
Social Message Author
Social Message Workflow Editor
Social Message Workflow Reviewer
Twitter Message Reviewer

New in Sitecore 7.2

Sitecore Client Advanced Publishing
Gives the user access to the publishing functionality in the Experience Editor and in the Content Editor. This role has access to republish in addition to the same access rights as the Sitecore Client Publishing role.

New in Sitecore 7:

Sitecore Client Bucket Management
For the Configure / Bucket buttons in the top menu


Sitecore has now Document the roles see: The security roles